Lycia means the "Land of Light" and it dates back to the 13th century BC. The Lycian Federation was formed of 77 ancient cities, including Olympos, Xanthos, Patara, Antiphellos, Phaselis, Aperlae, Andriake, Myra and Apollonia. Lycia was known in particular for its fierce stance on freedom and independence.

Farvel Travel offers its guests unforgettable trips on the most beautiful parts of the Lycian road.

The hiking route known today as the Lycian Way from Fethiye to Antalya is a marked pathway that passes through the mountains, a distance of around 540 kilometers. In fact, the track is a combination of a number of independent paths which were combined for the first time in the Roman period, creating the network of paths that became the Lycian Way.

We can make many different walking routes and travel plans along the Lycian Way for our guests. Thanks to our experience, we have determined trip plans suitable for hikers of all ages and categories, covering the most beautiful sections of the route. By this way, our guests can enjoy the most beautiful places of the route, visit historical spots and experience the local culture at its best, without getting too tired.

We usually start with a breakfast in Kayaköy. Kayaköy is a village near Fethiye, which was left empty by the Greeks years ago. A short walk in this magnificent village is a good start...

Ovacık, the starting point of the Lycian Way, is our next stop. We leave our excess goods in our vehicle and start our walk with the view of Ölüdeniz and Babadağ. Our route is to the Butterfly Valley… Depending on the need, we have a light lunch with local delicacies in one of the small villages on our route. After our photo stop in Butterfly Valley, we get on our vehicle waiting for us and go to our specially selected hotel and get our dinner accompanied by sunset. Walking distance is about 12 km.

Kabak District is famous point on the Lycian Way. From here, we walk to Kabak Bay. After a swimming break, we usually go to the Aladere waterfalls for a photo and swimming break again. Afterwards, we continue our walk with magnificent mountain, forest and sea views. Famous for its view, Alinca is the last stop of this day. If desired, we can watch the sunset with wine in this view. Walking distance is about 12 km.

A boat trip is a good choice also...On our full day boat tour we will be able to see the Butterfly Valley, Gemiler Bay, Saint Nicholas Island and many other natural beauties . There will be many swimming opportunities during the day and food will be served on the boat. Our guests will finally go ashore in Ölüdeniz and after our break here, we will return to our hotel.

Yediburunlar region is also very interesting with its amazing views. After about 2 hours of walking in this region, we usually go to Xantos Antique City with our vehicle. After our trip with our guide in Xantos, our next stop is the famous Patara Antique City. Then We walk to the beach of Patara which is Turkey's longest beach.

This magnificent route with a length of 540 km offers dozens of different sightseeing alternatives.

With its quality and stylish accommodation options, tourist-friendly people, local flavors and magnificent history, Lycian Way will give you wonderful experiences.


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